Company structure

Production facilities are located in Rogatyn. There are two representative offices - in Lviv and Kiev. Distributors of the company are working all over Ukraine.


The total area of production and administrative offices takes over 5 000 m sq; the enterprise is provided with all needed infrastructure and communication. Production is equipped with up-to-date techniques: Pet bottle and plastic bottle manufacturing machines, automatic lines and advanced water treatment systems as well. Technologists and chemists work daily in modern laboratory on development of new products and recipes.

Marketing department

In marketing department, which is located in Lviv office, work professionals engaged in development and support of already existing trade marks as well as in development and promotion of the new products. The company presents such known in Ukraine brands as Booster, Lemon Fresh, Gold Cytrus, Luga, Attis, Sanix, Ecoline, Ideal  etc.

The specialists of marketing department cooperate with the best creative agencies and use the latest marketing tools. Analyticity is harmonized with creativity which makes possible to generate new bright ideas, easy to implement in practice.

Supply department

The main objective of supply department is to satisfy consumer needs and requirements in time, in proper quantity and at a reasonable price. Is not enough to have known brands and quality products, since if not appear on the shelves on time - the consumer simply won’t be able to buy the products!

The specialists of supply department perform everyday a lot of complex and responsible tasks associated with purchase, transporting and storing of ready products.

Sales department

The specialists of sales department ensure our products to be presented on the shelves of stores throughout Ukraine. Department takes leading position in business – it enables its specialists to feel that their daily work brings real money to the company. The main objective of sales department is not only to ensure continual and steady growth in products sales but also to develop long-lasting and strong relationships with our clients. Taking care of business development and profitability of distributors, wholesalers and retailers we successfully build our mutual, strong and long-lasting relationships.

Finance and legal departments

Finance department includes: accounting, experts on international reporting and experts on Financial and Economic activity analysis and management. Law and Finance departments together ensure the economic activity of GDU Ltd corresponds to the Ukrainian laws.