With the aim of the best satisfying our consumers’ needs and company management improvement GDU Ltd has developed and integrated Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001:2009 Standards. Certificate of Quality Management System № UA 2.047.05086-10 was received in August 2010. System covers all related to manufacturing activities of GDU Ltd.

Quality Management System provides the proper organizational technical and trade levels of manufacturing activities, guarantees the most complete satisfaction of the consumer’s expectations, clearly defines rights and responsibilities of a staff and its knowledge about company aims and policy.

With a certified Quality Management System our company becomes a guarantor of a stable quality for its consumers.

Innovations laid in the corporative values of the company are the main mover of its development. The team of experts constantly undergoes training, study and practice.

The company gives great attention to the quality and safety of the products at all stages of its manufacturing – from raw materials selection to creating a ready product. 70 % of all raw materials used in manufacturing are produced in Europe (Poland, Germany, Spain etc). Raw materials we order are used in manufacturing only on conditions of availability of full package of related documents confirming its quality and safety. All raw materials undergo thorough quality control in company’s laboratory.