SANIXLavatory cleaners

Eager to achieve hygienic cleanliness and freshness in your WC? Try Desyo! Desyo product line for WC is a line of detergents that not only remove dirt and prevent lime but also bring a pleasant fresh scent.
Desyo offers the whole range of modern toilet rim blocks and a toilet cleaning detergent for its customers. Toilet rim blocks and cleaning detergents have a fresh lemon, sea and forest scent.

Toilet cleaning gels bring an instant effect which drastically reduces time spent on toilet cleaning and allows to do to other household chores. You need only 2-3 minutes to apply this detergent by leaving it on sanitary faience surface for 15 minutes. There will be absolutely no lime and rust after rinsing. Only cleanness and fresh scent! Has antibacterial effect.
Gel is available in 750 ml packaging.

Antibacterial toilet rim blocks are specially produced for maintenance of your toilet cleanness and freshness. A unique formula contains special washing components that clean the toilet surface and prevent lime. Meanwhile special granules bring intensive scent.