Eco-friendly TM ECO LINE

It is a good example of an effective and safe product line for care around the house. Eco Line is absolutely eco-friendly product line made from plants extracts. It maintains a perfect cleanness without any negative impact on consumers’ health. Products’ consistence is transparent like water and it is not only from outside. All products from Eco Line do not contain colorants and harmful phosphates. Eco Line is based on a lighter content of fragrances and organic surfactants. The same ingredients of Eco Line products are used in cosmetology and pharmaceutics for creams and medications. 
Eco Line corresponds to all European standards of quality and is based on a philosophy “for all, like for yourself”. It is safe for a regular use and doesn’t cause allergic reactions. It can easily be used where children, senior citizens, people with poor health and pets are around! Eco Line is made for ecologically-oriented Ukrainian families that are eager to be healthy.

Since 2015 Eco Line product line has received a certificate of ecological safety “Green Crane” which is internationally acknowledged, including EU and USA! This certificate proves that whole Eco Line product line is absolutely safe for humans and environment!

Eco Line products are phosphate-free. 
It is well-known that sodium triphosphate can penetrate modern filters and together with waste waters get into the rivers. River plants perceive it as a fertilizer and start growing tremendously and rivers become overgrown as a result. The same process causes growth of plankton which supports increase of a pathogenic for humans bacteria and thus makes water unsuited for consumption. 
Phosphates don’t wash out from clothing even after 10th washing remaining for approximately four days thus causing harm to humans body constantly. Natural materials are the ones that retain phosphates the most. While hand washing phosphates penetrate through skin to blood and spread throughout entire body, thus it is extremely important to do washing wearing gloves and wash hands thoroughly in hot water afterwards. Phosphates can never be washed out in cold water.
Eco Line products’ dissolution has absolutely no harmful effect on such human values as health, air, water, soil.