SENSUAWashing liquids

  • Effectively removes dirt and stains from fabrics
  • Provides fresh and pleasant scent 
  • Is based on a coconut soap thus doesn’t cause any allergic response
  • Phosphate-free (up to 5%)
  • Is fully biodegradable

There are three products depending on fabric types and washing methods:

Sensua Universal is recommended for different types of color and white fabrics for machine and hand washing.

Sensua Delicate is intended for hand washing of very delicate fabrics: white or color such as silk, wool and other. The liquid contains lanoline which preserves the fibers thus prolonging the wearing of clothing. Phosphate-free. Can be used for washing children’s clothing.

Sensua Black is recommended for machine or hand washing of black and dark fabrics. Liquid protects fabrics from fading and keeps its original intense color. With Sensua Black™ your black clothes will always look like the new ones.