DESYTOL French preparations for cleaning and disinfection

TM DESYTOL – safe disinfection for your home

Bacteria invisible for our eye are often a cause of all diseases. They congregate in areas where we cook or carry out hygiene procedures.Even when everything seems to be clean, bacteria and fungi keep poising our life. It is no wonder that doctors remind constantly: “Wash your hands with soap!” But this basic preventive measure as well as weekly “general cleaning” is not enough. Bacteria, fungi and viruses can multiply on solid surfaces such as walls, floor, refrigerators etc.  Of the most danger they are for the elderly, children and people being in a bad health.But in fact bacteria are dangerous for everyone. Therefore it is recommended to clean the room with using disinfectants at least once for three months. But most of disinfectants have heavy smell which makes staying in the room impossible. People complain on skin irritation and headache after cleaning. GDU Company considers human health to be the highest value therefore offers alternative product acceptable in price and safe for health.

TM Desytol products guarantee:

  • efficient cleaning and disinfection
  • quality and safety corresponding with European Biocides Standards
  • no negative impact on health on condition following the requirements of directions for use
  • safe for the environment

Contain no chlorine and other substances causing allergic response and respiratory tract irritation.