Засоби для миття посуду

For thrifty housewives, high quality and low cost washing up detergents for daily use!

TM Gold Cytrus - a range of phosphate-free and scented washing-up liquids with deodorizing function.

Gold Cytrus detergents are characterized by such qualities:

  • are phosphate-free and fully biodegradable
  • easy in use, wash quickly and lather perfectly
  • active agents contained in the product effectively remove fat and are easily washed out
  • can be used for  washing-up dishes made of glass, metal and plastic.

Scent combinations: green or yellow lemon, grapefruit.

We also offer a washing up liquid balm with aloe, chamomile or mint scent for your choice.

Available in bottles of 500 ml, 1.5L and 5L.