Stages and duration time

Having been successfully audited and received ISO 9001:2009 Certificate in 2010 GDU Company onceagain has confirmed high level of production process organization and priority of undoubted product quality and safety. Such state of affairs helps our production premises to be successfully audited by chains before starting our cooperation. Some partners being aware ofthese certificates and documents credibility do not audit our company at all.


Today our company cooperates with all key chains of Ukraine. Every new chain we started cooperation with became a proof of GDU being a reliable and worthyplayer in this market. So in a soon time the company started manufacturing private label products for export.  Tight cooperation with our client as well as ability to generate complex solutions became crucial for this area of company activity development.  

How it works: considering our client’s needs and requirements we offer specific individual range of products. 


Our company accompanies the customer from the very beginning of cooperation till shipment time. Analyzing every detail we are trying to justify our client expectations. There were developed individual recipes and design if needed for every chain we cooperate for today with.


To develop some complex recipes we collaborate with our partners from Poland and France. The table above shows detailed procedure (stages and duration time) of creating private label products the company offers to its clients. The average duration of the custom-designed products creationis 3 months: from the recipe development till first shipment of ready products.