Gdu - the leading company in creating innovative
home care products in Ukraine

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As Ukrainian leading supplier of home cleaning products, we are particularly sensitive to the effect that all our stakeholders have on our environment. We are committed to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and achieve a long-term and sustainable business.


We use recycled plastic to reduce the footprint on environment and promote recycling.
We have achieved full technical feasibility to produce our plastic packaging with rPET and rPE to support the circular economy. We are producing many products for our customers today that contain recycled PET and PE.


Our products аге highly concentrated in active ingredients. We drive consumer and customer satisfaction with our best-in-class product development.

We drive consumer and customer satisfaction with our best-in-class product development.

GDU - Gold Drop Ukraine:



GDU company was founded in 2001 and is the largest producer of home care products in Ukraine. Every day, our products help thousands of people take care of the cleanliness and well-being of their homes.


Sustainable development

We always think strategically and apply innovative solutions, which significantly accelerates the development of our company and allows us to produce safe and truly environmentally friendly products.


Social responsibility

We take care not only of our clients, but also systematically provide material assistance to local schools, hospitals, as well as socially unprotected people.


Product safety

We keep highest world quality standards and make every effort to ensure the safety of the people who use our products.



Innovation lies at the core of our R&D team. With diverse formulation expertise and decades of industry knowledge, our R&D team continually develops fresh and innovative ways to meet the performance needs of our customers.